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£ 55.00  

This script is based on www.changer.com api. When client make exchange with this script if you are set up your referral id from Changer, you will receive the 15% of amount as comission if exchange status is ok. In documentation is included lesson how to get your referral id. Script have and own referral system who gives client 6% reward of this 15% when other client make exchange with his/her referral.

£ 100.00  

With BitExchanger you can create own e-currency exchange website. Supported Gateways: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPay, Entromoney, SolidTrust Pay, Neteller, UQUID, BTC-e, Yandex Money, QIWI, Payza, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Ethereum, TheBillioncoin, Bank Transfer, Western Union and Moneygram.

Bitexchange Main features

  • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
  • jQuery interface for exchange
  • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
  • Multilanguage System
  • Template engine
  • Email template system
  • Support RTL languages
  • Automatically get international exchange rate by mconvert.net API
  • Automatically get crypto rates (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and etc.)
  • Affiliate program
  • Testimonials
  • Reserve information
  • Operator status at header
  • 3 steps for account verification
  • SSQL Security
  • Nice UI
  • Email notifications for every exchange status
  • Option: Admin can require user to have account to exchange
  • Earnings system
  • Withdrawal system
  • Referral system

£ 300.00 £ 600.00  


  • Multi-language support (in English and Russian)
  • Template based which can be edited online (no complex PHP code), Fully WEB 2.0 compatible.
  • Fully Responsive, Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across
  • wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors)
  • Fully javascript integrated code in exchange page for faster and easier orders.
  • Super extra security for both admin & customers to prevent unauthorized usages.
  • Ability to process automatically or manually exchange orders.
  • Retrieve destination account’s detail and verify destination account in first step of exchange
  • Ability to ask verification documents for debit/credit card or e-currencies
  • Highly customizable to suit the needs of your exchange business, with SSL support.
  • Provide real time Exchange rates feed.
  • Ability to accept All major credit/Debit Cards
  • Easy and automatic setup system.
  • Add new currencies or banks accounts.


  • Online administration control panel with powerful features and complete Order tracking system
  • Complete content management system, to easily add/remove or edit pages.
  • Complete Order/Commissions/Members manage/search system by keeping all order detail’s
  • Ability to ask for Registration or Verification documents for any currency or page
  • Define custom limitation order amounts to prevent accept more than it for each currency separately
  • Ability to define min/max acceptable order amount for all currencies separately
  • Ability to define maximum Exchange fee amount for each currency separately
  • Mark currencies to Show as source/destination or both
  • Turn on/off automatic payouts feature at any time
  • Turn on/off multiply sections/pages only by one click
  • Automatic notification of critical payment errors
  • Mass payment to pay all pending orders automatically by one click
  • Mass mailing to customers.
  • Ability to define completely different exchange fee for every currency separately.
  • Password update
  • Enable/Disable Friendly url
  • Easily modify or add new languages only by adding a text file
  • Complete Caching system to boost up pages loading speed.
  • TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) integration.
  • Many More Features

£ 150.00  

DollarXchange is an Online Currency Exchange Platform made with PHP & mySQL. With our script you can create your own website for exchange of electronic currency (Such As: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPay, SolidTrust Pay, Payza ETC). Included wonderful and friendly interface for use by the customer and practical admin panel for use in the administration of the site. Its easy to buy sell & exchange currency with our system, its user friendly & work with all device fine. start your own Online Currency Exchange Platform within just five minutes with our system without any programming knowledge.

KEY Features:

★ Full Responsive & Dynamic.
★ Easy Contact From.
★ Informative Menu.
★ Sell Currency Option.
★ Buy Currency Option.
★ Exchange Currency Option.
★ 1-click Currency Buy sell & Exchange.
★ Auto Calculate Amount.
★ Fraud Protection System.
★ Social Linkup.
★ SEO Friendly URL.
★ Secure Admin Panel.
★ Informative Admin Dashboard.
★ Currency Sell Management.
★ Currency Buy Management.
★ Currency eXchange Management.
★ All Transection History.
★ All Transection Proof.
★ Personal Messaging System.
★ Status Update System.
★ Confirmation System.
★ Currency Management.
★ Bank Information Management.
★ Home Page Content Management.
★ Home Page Slider Management.
★ Menu & Menu Content Management.
★ All SITE Settings.

☛ Templates Updated.

☛ Member Registration System Added.

☛ Member Dashboard Facility Added.

☛ Verified Member Account Facility.

☛ Sell Currency Activity.

☛ Buy Currency Activity.

☛ Exchange Currency Activity.

☛ Reference System Added.

☛ Reference Bonus Facility.

☛ Member Bonus Activity.

☛ Bonus Withdraw Facility.

☛ Advertisement System Added.

☛ Withdraw System Management Facility.

☛ All Bonus History.

☛ Unique Admin Dashboard.

☛ Member’s Management System.

£ 399.00 £ 1,100.00  

Exchangeo is an Online Currency Exchange Platform Developed with Laravel. With our script you can create your own website for exchange of electronic currency (Such As: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OKPay, SolidTrust Pay, Payza ETC). Included wonderful and friendly interface for use by the customer and practical admin panel for use in the administration of the site. Exchangeo Comes with Cross Browser Optimization and 16+ Automatic payment method.

User Features:

Cross Browser Optimized.

Currency Exchange Facility.

Currency BUY Facility.

Currency SELL Facility.

Blog & Contact Facility.

Infront Exchanger.

Easy Signup & Signin.

Sell Currency Activity.

BUY Currency Activity.

Exchange Currency Activity.

16+ Deposit Method.

Deposit History.

Easy to Withdraw.

Withdraw History.

Total Transaction Report.

Profile Management.

Referance System.

And More.

Admin Features:

Manage Currency.

Buy Log.

Sell Log.

Exchange Log.

Manage Bank.

Manage User.

Manage Deposit.

Manage Withdraw.

All Subscribers.

Manage Blog.

Website Control.

Interface Control.

Payment Gateway Managment.

Withdraw Request.

Withdraw Approved.

Withdraw Refunded.

Manage Social.

Manage Service.


Manage Faq.

Manage Service.

Email Setting.

SMS Setting.

Contact Setting.

Interface Control.

And More.

Script Comes With:

Excellent support with a fast response rate.

Fix any bugs or broken content.

Help get you setup and installed!

Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!

Protects against CSRF attacks!

HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!

Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.

Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.

£ 599.00 £ 1,500.00  

Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software. Tradebox is for the cryptocurrency trading and selling.even you can request for buy and sell at a specific price. There have withdrawal and deposit option.


Trading platform on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency buy and sell system

Exchange the coin

you can add your own coin

You can select given 2300 + Coins in the system

You can create Coin Market

You can Pair the Coin Market

Payment gateway added of Paypal, Payeer, Gourl,Stripe and mobile Money

Transaction Setup System

You can Limit your user of withdraw and transfer money

Here have live chat in exchange page

Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw

100% Secure Payment and Trading System

Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard

Customer can see his open trade

Customer can see his trade history

Customer can withdraw or transfer money

And many More…

Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software

Tradebox is one of the best cryptocurrency trading software. It deals with crypto trading, buy-sell, pair exchange and launching.

What is a Tradebox?

Tradebox is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform management system. It is almost alternative of Binance. It has both front end part and backend. Front-end refers to a responsive website to explore your business. A trader can register to your platform and use it effortlessly.

Backend refers to admin panel and it is designed to manage your crypto enterprise. You can add your own coin & create a new market. It can also be used as cryptocurrency exchanger. If you get Tradebox, you can manage your crypto trading, buy-sell, exchange etc without any hassle.

For whom the Tradebox is?

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur who is dreaming to start a new crypto trading business, Tradebox is a ready-made platform for his/her.

Cryptocurrency trading platform owner: Tradebox is a blessing for all digital currency trader, who are want to manage their platform and trading activities from a definite place. A trading platform owner who has bought Tradebox can easily provide currency trading facilities to digital currency trader by exchange of fees and thus he can earn huge amount of money.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading Software?

Cryptocurrency is one of the greatest revolutions in the present world. It is known as a digital currency which is being produced & managed by blockchain technology. As it is the result of technology, so there is an enormous auto set arithmetic logical coding project(software) related to it. However, the thousand dollar question is what is cryptocurrency trading software?

Cryptocurrency trading software is a set of code which is designed to manage every aspect of crypto trading. As we know digital currency is a new innovation in our world economy as the alternative of physical currencies. Hence there has created a new capital market and trading business opportunity like forex trading. Which is known as cryptocurrency trading? This business module is the function with cryptocurrency buy, sell, exchange, pair-exchange, analysis, investment etc. The software which is made for handling these functions is called Cryptocurrency trading software.

As we said earlier, our project was heavily inspired by well-known cryptocurrency exchange and trading software, and our goal is to make Tradebox a match with them and even better.

How Can Tradebox will help you?

Making Offers: Users may make a purchase or offer for a particular coin upheld by the stage. The accompanying parameters can be set for each offer:

Deposit Method: Your decision of deposit from the predefined strategies for installment which you wish to pay or get instalments.

Range: The scope of the sum that must be set while making the offer. For an offer, you should have more than the scope of the sum in your wallet before it very well may be shown for potential purchasers. Anyway, for purchase offer, you may indicate as wide the range as conceivable. If the exchange has been begun by a potential vendor, you need to get together with the instalment before the exchange consequently terminates.

Offer Instruction: This is shown to your exchange accomplice once the exchange has begun. It could contain additional data to guarantee an effective exchange.

Requirement Preference: You may indicate the check prerequisite, (for example, telephone or email confirmation) from a client before an exchange can be started with you. Additionally, you may confine its permeability to confided in contacts as it were.

Starting Trade: As a purchaser or merchant, you may choose from the rundown of accessible offers from the commercial center with which you can start an exchange. A portion of the highlights of exchange incorporate.

Real-time Notification: Every client can screen the exchanges from anyplace on the site. And they might not need to continue invigorating the page on the grounds that the stage sends notices with an alarm tone in a flash.

Buy & Sell: Trading on p2p may include purchasing/offering of cryptographic forms of money on with the capacity to pay or get installments in differing measure of ways. For instance, a great many people like to get a coin in return for any of the accompanying classification of installment. Be that as it may, the overseer can include or evacuate based on the area of their business.

Many others feature it has:

Multi-coin Support: This is the thing that you would not discover the most P2P cryptocurrency trade stage. We offer help for multi-money, be that as it may, packaged with this discharge is just Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. We plan to offer an opportunity of a decision of crypto coin in future updates.

Constant warning: We guarantee that nothing moves beyond the client by giving a continuous notice arrangement of every dynamic exchange and exercises. With this setup client should not have to invigorate the program, yet tune in for approaching warning tone.

Multi-cash and Real-time Cryptocurrency Prices: Regardless of any place you need to set up your business we have in excess of 100 fiat money which your clients can browse. Their wallet balance cost is additionally refreshed with what might be compared to its change.

Email and SMS Notification: We have given SMS warning also which is made accessible just for some extremely imperative data to be passed. Despite all, clients can empower or impair the sort of notice they need

Continuous Presence Status: Users might be either away, on the web or disconnected anytime. So with the end goal to abstain from misdirecting potential dealers, CryptEx underpins continuous nearness status of all clients which refreshes progressively.

Two Factor Authentication: Nowadays most stage with conspicuous security, requires a client to set up a two-factor confirmation utilizing both of Google Authenticator or Authy. You can inquire about additional on how they function from their official locales

Telephone and Email Verification: Tradebox worked in view of security so we will, in general, include whatever number confirmations mean as could be expected under the circumstances. Among these, it additionally underpins email and SMS affirmation, basically guarantee that the two drivers are setup legitimately. You may need to allude to the documentation.

Client Contacts: Users may spare contacts of their most believed accomplices of exchange, this will give them a quicker access to their offers. As opposed to glancing through the various offers on the commercial center constantly.

This is just about the trading software we can layout at this moment. This report will be refreshed frequently to fittingly mirror every one of its highlights. We will abandon you to choose yourself in the wake of attempting the demo adaptation.

£ 499.00 £ 1,400.00  

Nishue is the complete cryptocurrency lending program Software with multi-level marketing. every user level will get the commission of his lower level.it has another wonderful cryptocurrency analysing live data compare system.

Nishue’s Awesome Features:

Crypto Currency buy sell

Crypto currency exchange

Live crypto compare system

Coin Lending

Multi level Marketing (MLM)

Coin Based MLM

Coin Based Affiliate

Level wise commission

Coin Deposite

Coin Withdraw

Money Transfer

Coin Package

Coin Lending

Buy sell Notification

SMS Notification

Email Notification

Coin Exchange

Coin Buy Sell

Bitcoin Payment

Payeer Payment

Mobile Payment

Multi Language

Team Bonus

Payeer Payment

Mobile Payment

Level Wise Award

Money Credit System

Exchange wallet

Your Local Currency Symbol

Live Coin Data

Daily, Weekly & Monthly ROI

Responsive Website

Crypto News

Crypto Depth analysis

Google and Image ads

Coin calculator at website

£ 130.00  

BitExchanger v3.1 PHP Software

Main features

  • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
  • jQuery interface for exchange
  • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
  • Multilanguage System
  • Template engine
  • Email template system
  • Support RTL languages
  • Automatically get fiat to fiat rates by mconvert.net API
  • Automatically get crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto rates (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and etc.)
  • Automatic crypto to crypto rates
  • Affiliate program
  • Testimonials
  • Reserve information
  • Operator status at header
  • 3 steps for account verification
  • SSQL Security
  • Nice UI
  • Email notifications for every exchange status
  • Option: Admin can require user to have account to exchange
  • Earnings system
  • Withdrawal system
  • Referral system
  • XML Rates for BestChange.com

3 steps account verification
  • Email verification
  • Document verification (Require admin approval of documents)
  • Mobile number verification (Use Nexmo.com API)
  • Can be turned on/off every verification and if you turn off all, user will be actived after registration

Administrator features
  • Full admin dashboard
  • Can process exchanges
  • Can manage users
  • Can manage withdrawals
  • Can manage testimonials
  • Can manage gateways
  • Can manage exchange rates
  • and much more try admin panel in demo below

Gateways features
  • Currency manage (Up to 160 world currencies - USD, RUB, EUR, GBP and etc.)
  • Minimal amount for exchange
  • Maximum amount for exchange
  • Reserve
  • Custom fee option
  • Can manage exchange directions
  • and much more try demo below

2 templates included

  • Blue
  • Orange